About Us

NuEnz Hair Products was established in 2012 in Toronto, Ontario Canada. As a Canadian owned business we wish to provide the best quality hair products for your hair because of all the elements that can damage your hair, the environment, weather and product chemicals.

With  years of combined experience in each bottle, whether its damage control, smoothening, curl management, straightening, volume boosting, hair-fall control or color protect; NuEnz is an expert and tailored product.

NuEnz is a hair product company that carries a premier line of hair shampoo and conditioner to proffer your hair with the best possible care. The best thing about NuEnz probably is its belief in using natural products and botanical ingredients as these aims at providing you healthy, glowing hair.  Our goal is to make NuEnz into a global brand, to make it into one of the best hair care products in the world.

NuEnz’s products are fused with fragrances that will make heads turn. Indulge your senses and take a plunge into the ocean of sweet smelling aromas, both in the shower and out.

We’re inspired by nature - the way it looks, the way it smells, the way it feels! Bring out your intrinsic love for nature and revel in beauty as nature intended it to be.